Cook Sustainably

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Sustainability, in essence, means to adopt a lifestyle that that will continue our ability to live on this planet. Cooking sustainably narrows the focus to our foods and how they are prepared and cooked. Any recipe can be made sustainable! Cooking at home with local sustainable food tastes better, is more nutritious and cheaper than eating out. This may take a bit more effort, but the rewards - for your family and their future - are too big to pass up.

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An estimated 2.4 to 3 billion people still cook their food over open fires or in rudimentary cookstoves, and these numbers keep increasing due to population growth. When wood is used as a primary fuel, inefficient cooking methods lead to large-scale deforestation, soil erosion, desertification and emissions of greenhouse gases. How can stoves be modified to make them more sustainable?

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Any recipe can be made sustainable! Cooking at home with sustainable food tastes better, is more nutritious, cheaper than eating out, brings friends and family together, and teaches kids good eating habits. Our recipes come from chefs, cookbook authors, restaurants and others who share the same food philosophy for local, sustainable, wholesome food.

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This section is dedicated to an emerging field of research dealing with the interactions between natural and social systems, and with how those interactions affect the challenge of sustainability: meeting the needs of present and future generations while substantially reducing poverty and conserving the planet's life support systems.